Importance of Content Delivery Network or CDN

CDN is considered the prime solution for better speed and uptime of any website.

CDN or Content Delivery Network is basically the network of servers spread all over the world.

CDN Facilitates speed of your website by decreasing the Geographical barriers and other barriers to load times.

What is a load time of a website ?

Load time is the time taken from your website to get fetched and shown in front of the visitors screen.

Load time or speed of your website can be affected by many reasons. And for many of us CDN almost solves all problems with speed and uptime.

So how CDN works ?

As we all know Internet is spread all over the world. You can reach any info or data on the internet through browsers. Just search for the right info and the browser will get it to you.

Basically browsers fetch the info from servers. There are servers on which your website and it’s data gets stored.

So now if any visitor asks for your website then the browser will try to deliver your website to the visitor as quickly as possible.

Now this time taken by the browser to show your website to the visitor can be considered as loading time or speed.

Browser or search engines can deliver your website’s content to the visitors in a faster manner if your website is optimized with a CDN.

The thing is that browsers or search engines has to search out thousands of servers every time the visitors asks for your website. So it becomes a bit slower process to load the website.

What CDN does is that it spreads the copies of your website on to a big network of servers. So what happens is that browsers don’t have to go far to search for your website if it is already on a CDN.

This is how CDN in simple terms reduces the distance between your website and the search engine. It becomes easier for search engines to find your website and present it in front of the visitors due to CDN.

Let’s learn with an example :

You are living in USA using internet and you want to see the website hosted in Australia. So without CDN it will take longer time to load that website.

Without a CDN :

Without a CDN

With CDN you get the advantage of a network of servers so that your browser doesn’t have to travel far to fetch the desired website you want to see.

With CDN :

See the image to get clear idea of a CDN :

With CDN

Conclusion :

Concluding this article I would say CDN is a must for getting better uptime and speed for your website. Most of the web hosts give basic CDN for free as well but to get supreme CDN effect you might need some premium CDN.

Managed hosting like Kinsta (Full Review) and WP Engine (Full Review) have their own CDN service offered and that makes them a kind of a supreme hosting as well.

So I would suggest to take a look at the above listed CDN to get the better speed and uptime for your website.

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